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English as a foreign language

Living as a German in an increasingly English-speaking world

2020-06-12: How I view people

Maybe there are people that are sill unclear on how I view my fellow human beings. So let me get a few things straight.

To say that I don’t care about attributes of yourself that you have no control over would be an overstatement. If I personally take an interest in you, and you let me on to this kind of information, I will know if you are gay or straight (or any other flavour of Q), Caucasian, Mexican, Vietnamese, or whatever it may be, what your native language, your favourite imaginary friend or other background is and quite a few other things. To say that I don’t care about these things would be rude.

I do care. Because I do care about you.

The one thing I don’t do is judge you by these things. I judge you by what you say and what you do. Not by who you are.

That will be all for now. Judge your fellow humans by their personal words and actions, not by whatever properties they may have.

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