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English as a foreign language

Living as a German in an increasingly English-speaking world

About this blog, and myself

Martin IbertI normally write content for the Web in German, my native language. But since I know a lot of people that do not understand that wonderful language, I thought it was high time to reach out to the non-German-speaking world and start an English-language blog to go with my German-language ones.

Working for the German subsidiary of a US-based software company whose EMEA headquarters is in in the UK, I’ve got lots of English-speaking colleagues – and friends. I twitter in English already, so an English-language blog is the logical next step.

This blog runs on WordPress. It is hosted by netcup, the domain is registered with GoDaddy.

The banner illustration is derived from „Telefonzellen in London“ by Ulderico on www.piqs.desome rights reserved. The website icon is derived from: “Empty Phone Booth” by k1ng on Flickr, some rights reserved. The photo on this page has been shot by my wonderful wife Sabine, during a trip to Mallorca in February, 2011.

All original content on this website is published under a Creative Commons licence.